PASTRIES from Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Café
A sweet success

ENTREPRENEURIAL COUPLES are often admired by society for braving what is usually assumed a complicated venture. Accounts of either the business or the relationship falling apart — or worse, both — have already formed an impression that such an endeavor is better off avoided.

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Not your ordinary burger
TUCKED IN Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City is B&B: Burgers and Brewskies, a burger joint that doesn’t serve the typical patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese combination. Instead, the restaurant’s version of a “regular” hamburger is a concoction of a ⅓-pound USDA grade beef patty, shredded lettuce, herbed roasted tomatoes, crispy fried onion strings, topped with their gooey signature cheese sauce. And that’s just about the simplest they could get. 11/12/14
Lavish buns
When Lawrence Cua and his wife Maniya first whipped up rolls made of freshly cooked lobster swaddled in New England-style buns and sold them, it didn’t matter that they both lacked culinary degrees. After all, the ingredients they use are what make these seafood rolls stand out, Mr. Cua told BusinessWorld. 11/12/14
Bookish trinkets
AIMEE LORRAINE KEH wasn’t always a work-at-home mom. In spite of having a rose-colored marketing career in a multinational company, she never thought that having a miscarriage — or two, for the matter — would make her leave everything behind. 10/07/14

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Together in the fitness business
For Dandy Chua and Golda Padre-Chua, who have been happily married to each other for two years now, the bond that binds them is fortified by one of their longtime mutual interests: fitness. 11/12/14
Keeping track of fixed assets
Information technology (IT) systems have gone a long way in improving the operations of firms. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), for instance, has helped companies reduce inventories and increase service reliabilities. Sophisticated payroll software has streamlined management of wages and benefits. Security programs have kept out hackers and minimized theft. 11/12/14

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Understanding demand patterns
Supply chains have improved significantly in recent years. Firms have integrated procurement, manufacturing, and logistics via available information technologies. Executives have learned to measure their customer service levels and the total delivered costs of their products and services. Companies have optimized their global networks of vendors and customers to mitigate risk and accelerate new product introductions to their markets. 10/07/14
Getting the most out of ERP
More than 30 years after it was introduced, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the de facto standard operations management information system for most organizations. As technological innovations and attractive returns on investments have encouraged firms to bring ERP into their operations, the challenge always has been in getting it to just simply work. 09/09/14
Innovating inside the box

We have heard people referring to innovation as the ability to think out of the box. The cliché is actually a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. The phrase often refers to novel or creative thinking and is thought to derive from management consultants in the 1970s and 1980s challenging their clients to solve the “nine dots” puzzle, whose solution requires some lateral thinking (Wikipedia).


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