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Opportunities to grow are rarely turned down by businesses since, more often than not, these eventually translate to more profit for the company. However, for local design agency Works of Heart Graphic Design Co. (Works of Heart), profit is just a secondary goal.

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Making an indelible mark
Tattoo studios mushrooming across the Metro are testaments to the growing number of people who want to have indelible dye etched on their skin. And while there are still those who consider the stigma that tattoos bear, for Jubai Guinto, proprietor of Ink + Needle, a tattoo is mere art painted on a living and breathing canvas. 07/08/14
Back to basics
There is a certain sense of comfort that comes with things made by hand. Although handicrafts do not end as precise as its digitally printed, mass-produced counterparts, what matters most is it is created with the utmost care and diligence of human hands — perhaps one of the reasons why most people are joining the DIY or do-it-yourself trend. 07/08/14
Teaching along the online highway
While some believe that most educational lectures are confined to the four walls of a classroom, others start to recognize the merits of tapping the fast-evolving capabilities of the Internet to teach kids. 06/03/14

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His unmistakable world
As a child growing up in General Santos City, Leeroy New knew what he wanted to do. He found himself beguiled by art and resolved to pursue a lifelong calling that’s rooted in it. 07/08/14
I was wrong, and other supply chain pitfalls
“Current approaches to supply chain design and operations are fundamentally flawed. Indeed they have always been so, but we have gotten away with less than perfect situations for a long time — so long in fact that we have convinced ourselves that we are on the right track.” — John Gattorna, Dynamic Supply Chains: Delivering Value Through People 07/08/14

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Make the strange familiar

(From the upcoming book: Connect/Disconnect: How to be a Creative and Innovative Opportunity Seeker)

“How can we improve on this?” is something typically heard in a traditional brainstorming session. The usual approach is to study the intricacies and components of your immediate management environment and create ideas that directly address them. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, there can be a downside in making the clichés and conventions of the product or service the foundations of the ideation process.

The True Value of Logistics
In my dealings with client firms, the questions I most often hear from executives are: How can I deliver faster to my customers?; How can I reduce the cost of freight deliveries?; What can we do about products running out-of-stock?; and How do I reduce inventories? 06/03/14
Digital Marketing: Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch
What could be the next wave in digital marketing? From the hype of social networking sites and mobile apps, now what? 06/03/14

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