Organic roasted chicken fillet with salsa verde, garlic yoghurt sauce and quinoa-red rice salad
Keeping it natural

Whether it is an incessant concern for the planet or simply health-related, many people prefer to eat organic food for various reasons. For husband and wife Chito and Lizzie Guerrero, the death of a loved one stirred them to join the growing movement. This decision eventually led them to create Potts Point Cafe, an Australian restaurant-cafe that serves organic dishes and coffee.

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Healthy but tasty
Organic food, despite all the health benefits that it offers, suffers from mistaken beliefs as it is usually identified as bland and boring, thus, eliciting a lukewarm response from most of the general public. 08/12/14
Nurture by nature
At the far end of Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Avenue in Quezon City, just before the brink of Welcome Rotonda, stands an old building that used to house the first organic and eco-friendly baby store in the Philippines. 08/12/14
The business of health 
As average urbanites increasingly become aware of their lifestyles and food choices, organic produce and other healthful food options start to crop up in supermarket shelves, and even in local wet markets. A discerning few, however, find some of these goods wanting. 08/12/14

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His unmistakable world
As a child growing up in General Santos City, Leeroy New knew what he wanted to do. He found himself beguiled by art and resolved to pursue a lifelong calling that’s rooted in it. 07/08/14
The new normal of logistics disruptions
In 2013, one of the strongest typhoons in history devastated cities and towns in the Philippines’ Visayas region. Convoys of vehicles ferrying relief goods as part of a massive international effort found themselves bogged down in roads and ports not equipped to handle the traffic. Although majority of the goods would eventually reach people in need, some goods were stranded in warehouses for months while others, especially perishable food, would end up spoiled and scrapped. 08/12/14

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Operation metrics
Measure everything. The concept of metrics is not new but is fast becoming a pervading theme in an enterprise’s overall performance. Students of the Masters in Entrepreneurship for Nation Building (MENB) program at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) face this challenge, as they go about doing their company assessment. 08/12/14
Make the strange familiar

(From the upcoming book: Connect/Disconnect: How to be a Creative and Innovative Opportunity Seeker)

“How can we improve on this?” is something typically heard in a traditional brainstorming session. The usual approach is to study the intricacies and components of your immediate management environment and create ideas that directly address them. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, there can be a downside in making the clichés and conventions of the product or service the foundations of the ideation process.

I was wrong, and other supply chain pitfalls
“Current approaches to supply chain design and operations are fundamentally flawed. Indeed they have always been so, but we have gotten away with less than perfect situations for a long time — so long in fact that we have convinced ourselves that we are on the right track.” — John Gattorna, Dynamic Supply Chains: Delivering Value Through People 07/08/14

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