Problem-free partying

AMONG THE MILLIONS of applications available in the App Store is, an app created by a 25-year-old Filipino that aims to end the woes of all club- and partygoers in the country.

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An early start
Hotels arguably are an unusual fascination for a child. But for Hope Uy, such establishments seem to have always piqued her interest even at a young age. 03/04/14
A fitting farewell

Anyone who has lost a pet knows the grief it entails, especially when the animals were treated and loved more as family members than mere pets. In the Philippines, however, there aren’t a lot of options for those who desire a proper burial for their pets, and most of the time, the remains are usually left for veterinarians — or worse, garbage collectors — to take care of.

Pedigreed pups

Despite a full-time job as a business manager for NutriAsia, Iggy Hizon also lives out his other passion: raising puppies and finding new owners for them. In the early 2000s, he started Merchant’s Kennel, a home-based dog breeding business.


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Clothes for the furred
It may be common for some to use their pastimes to unwind and divert their attention from the hassles of work. But for a lucky few, these hobbies are successfully turned into profitable ventures. 04/08/13
Trends and challenges in logistics
When it comes to delivery and logistics, there are always new challenges that crop up that need to be addressed but if done well with current trends in mind, would lead to competitive advantage. 04/08/13

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Demand Visibility: The Death of Traditional Forecasting
Business firms put much effort to avoid out-of-stock and excess inventory. Managers thus are continuously seeking ways to read true demand or what and how much end-users actually need. By having a grasp of true demand, operations managers can plan how much to supply to maximize the availability of finished products. 03/04/14
Empty shelves and other supply chain challenges

The holiday season creates opportunities for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms to test their organizations and system capabilities in serving the needs of customers and their products’ final consumers. This is also the time executives drumbeat their mandates to maximize sales to beat the annual revenue goals. Thus, the dreaded news of shelves being empty before the holiday rush keeps FMCG executives wondering what could be further improved in their company’s integrated processes.

Opportunity-seeking during turbulent times
Many companies are testaments to the cliché that behind every crisis lies an opportunity. Procter & Gamble and General Electric, two of the world’s most valuable companies, were founded during the financial crises of 1837 and 1892. Johnson & Johnson developed and launched the innovative Tylenol Gelcaps, a tamper-proof, gelatin-enrobed capsule, and their triple-sealed tamper-resistant bottles, after tampered Tylenol led to consumer deaths. 12/03/13

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